That is a possibility, and participants should indicate their preferences as part of their application. The default procedure, though, is for the camp coaches to assign participants to specific pieces with specific players.

The expectation is that all participants will play in the chamber orchestra.

Camp tradition has been that participants present two concerts for the public at the end of the week. That is, participants perform the works of chamber music that they have been studying with their coaches, as well as the works for chamber orchestra they have rehearsed under the direction of the orchestra’s conductor. One concert is typically in Cetinje; the other is in Podgorica, on the final day of camp. Podgorica is the hub for all travel to and from Montenegro.

To register for camp, there is no audition required, nor are interested participants obliged to send in a tape or a video. The application does give to the interested participant the opportunity to describe their level and their previous experience.