Questions & Answers

Where is the location of the Summer Camp for Chamber Music?

The summer camp is held at Ivanova Korita, at the foot of Mount Lovćen, near the old Montenegrin capital city of Cetinje. Ivanova Korita, at an altitude of 1200 meters (4,000 feet), is a popular year-round touristic facility in the Lovćen National Park. Ivanova Korita is 12 km (7 miles) from Cetinje and roughy 45 km (28 miles) from both Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital and largest city, and Budva, the country’s most visited resort city on the Adriatic Sea. More information can be found at:

Where are the camp participants’ lodgings?

Participants lodge at Ivanova Korita. Everything – sleeping, eating, music making -- is within walking distance. For lodging, there are two options. The majority of participants stay in a hostel-like facility -- in the Recreational-Educational Center Lovćen, which is under the management of JU Lovćen-Bečići. Other participants prefer to lodge in the hotel that is on the grounds of Ivanova Korita; reservations are required, and it is crucial to inquire well in advance, as summertime is the hotel’s peak season. Most participants take their meals in the dining hall at the Recreational-Educational Center, but anyone can eat at the hotel, paying out of pocket, regardless of whether they are lodging there. Alcoholic beverages are available at the hotel but not at the Recreational-Educational Center. More information can be found at: and

When is the Summer Camp for Chamber Music?

Our camp is held during the summer. The dates vary, depending on agreement with JU Lovćen-Becici, which hosts other groups at Ivanova Korita during the summer. Camp dates are announced at the end of January. Heretofore, our camp has typically taken place at the end of July or early August.

When does registration start?

Registration starts in January or February, after we announce the dates for the summer. The application process is easy: on our website and Facebook page we publish an application form for interested participants. The deadline for applications is May 31st. Because the number of participants is limited, we give consideration to early applications.

Do participants form their own groups and choose their own music?

That is a possibility, and participants should indicate their preferences as part of their application. The default procedure, though, is for the camp coaches to assign participants to specific pieces with specific players. The expectation is that all participants will play in the chamber orchestra. Camp tradition has been that participants present two concerts for the public at the end of the week. That is, participants perform the works of chamber music that they have been studying with their coaches, as well as the works for chamber orchestra they have rehearsed under the direction of the orchestra’s conductor. One concert is typically in Cetinje; the other is in Podgorica, on the final day of camp. Podgorica is the hub for all travel to and from Montenegro. To register for camp, there is no audition required, nor are interested participants obliged to send in a tape or a video. The application does give to the interested participant the opportunity to describe their level and their previous experience.

When will interested participants be informed about admission?

We confirm the attendance 7-10 days after the application deadline.

What is the age limit for summer camp students?

Musicians of 16 years can apply for the camp; there is no upper limit.

Whom can I contact with further questions?

Please direct questions to e-mail: Also, please look at the “About Us” tab on our website.