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The Montenegro Summer Camp for Chamber Music was founded in 2012, as an initiative of Michael Schnurr, an amateur flautist who was serving as a German diplomat in Montenegro at the time. Ever since that beginning, our camp has been held every summer at Ivanova Korita within the National Park Lovćen. The camp’s first year was funded by the German Embassy in Podgorica, in cooperation with two local institutions — the Budo Tomović Cultural-Information Center and the Vasa Pavić Art School for Music and Ballet. Since 2014, the Budo Tomović Cultural-Information Center has taken over planning and organization for the camp, with financial support from the Montenegro Ministry of Culture along with many other partners and sponsors.

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KIC Budo Tomovic

The Budo Tomovic Culture-Information Center is one of the most important cultural institutionsin Montenegro. The institution was founded by the Municipality of Titograd (today's Podgorica)in 1965. Today it is still considered the heart of the city’s cultural scene.

The role of KIC Budo Tomovic, as it is called, is to organize and present a wide range of artevents and programs. The gamut runs from performing arts (music, theater, dance, film) to finearts (exhibitions) to educational activities (classes, workshops, lectures).

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This ambience is like heaven on Earth. You couldn't have found a better place. Everything is well organized and the enthusiasm of young musicians who work hard is a joy to see. It is a pleasure for me to work with them, to watch their development day by day, to bring up their performance to a higher level in a short period of time. This is a great idea. There are no chamber music camps in the region – almost everyone is trained as soloist, two of whom from the generation might stay in this field. Chamber music is the basis, it teaches us to listen to each other, to fit into ensembles and much more. Solo performance also has its charms, but for me the chamber music is much more than that.   Sreten Krstic, 2021

Sreten Krstić, 2021

The annual Montenegro Summer Camp for Chamber Music and closing concert of participants was the most beautiful event of this challenging quarantine summer. Actually, the camp is also kind of quarantine, but in a positive way. It is a unique atmosphere, enclosed by the landscape of nature, for obtaining the highest creative achievements. Such special quarantines are vital for every artist. Good physical condition and psychological stability, as in sports, are attributes of musical activity.  All the students and teachers were provided with unique conditions. The summer camp allows you to temporarily escape from stress, noise, speed and crowds of big cities and enable you to hear the silence, which is important to all of us, and especially for young musicians, like a pause in the score. And in the background of this silence, they can hear new nuances and colors in music. I consider the camp as an event of exceptional importance for the culture of Montenegro. Dmitrii Prokofiev, 2020.

Dmitrii Prokofiev, 2020

Being in this magical place, at the foot of the Mount Lovcen, and make music there is an experience I will never forget. For the amateur that I am having the privilege of playing with such high level musicians allowed me to progress and to bring to life years of practising on my instrument at the concerts which came as crown on the stage. The summer camp at Ivanova Korita will remain for me as image of an ideal sociaty, in an ideal place, each with their own instruments, level of knowledge, age, brougth together in creating harmony and joy. A model to develop.  

Prince Nicolas Petrovitch Njegosh

The energy, the camaraderie and the time spent with the students and colleagues was unforgettable. Attendees had the opportunity to play in multiple chamber ensembles, thus going through more pieces from different composers and learning about different styles. The string players again proved to be excellent young artists and professionals despite, it seems to me, the most demanding program that the chamber orchestra has played on campus so far. And in addition to the packed schedule of classes and practice, I also find it important to rest, and I do not know if there is a better place for this than Ivanova Korita. Through nice socializing and playing, we had the opportunity to share stories, knowledge, tips and experiences with the students as well as with the mentors. Year after year, the students are getting better and are increasingly motivated. Their progress is paramount to us mentors, and as we progress, the audience sees and hears it at our closing concerts. I look forward to the next camp and our little team reunion!  

Sladjana Cvejić, 2019

I think the Montenegro Summer Camp for Chamber Music is really a great project. I could meet great mentors and good friends from various countries. Many thanks to the summer camp I improved my playing so much! I want to come again (I already came three times)!

Ko Hayashi, viola player, Japan

With great happiness I received the invitation to Music Camp 2018. The International Summer Camp for Chamber Music was initiated in 2012 as a private initiative organized by enthusiastic individuals. Its success was so encouraging that - still with a lot of private initiative - the Summer Camp became a regular institution. I am convinced that the seventh edition will again provide a wonderful experience for the musicians and their teachers, working hard together in order to present great final concerts.

Michael Schnurr

Congratulations for your academy of a very good and varied level. A colossal job!

Armine Varvarian, France


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