Pianist Nataša Popović  was born and raised in Podgorica, where she finished her music education, and studied with Vladimir Bočkarjov at the Music Academy in Cetinje. Even as a student, she won several prestigious artistic awards, participated in numerous festivals, and gave frequent performances. She has worked with many distinguished musicians, such as Duško Trbojević, Branko Opačić, Zoran Jovanović, Uroš Pešić, Slava Gabrielov, Marian Mika, Ljubiša Jovanović, Georgij Sotnjičuk and David Grigorian.

She completed her specialization in Chamber Music at the State Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade (FMU), and her Master’s in Chamber Music at the Music Academy in Cetinje.

She was a founding member of the piano trio Camerata Montenegrina. She has been the accompanist for many performers at various festivals in Montenegro, Serbia and Italy (e.g. Barski Ljetopis, Budva Grad Teatar, NOMUS, BEMUS and Nei Suoni dei Luoghi). Since 2008, she has been a member of the piano duo Aperto, alongside Oleksij Molchnov. She continues to explore new music with many other instrumentalists and singers.

Nataša is also a successful teacher. Her students have won national and international competitions. She is currently associate professor of Chamber Music at the Music Academy in Cetinje, where she also has a role of vice dean for academic teaching.