Cellist Eva Vučeković Veith (2017-18) was born and raised in Podgorica. She was educated in her hometown, and later in Belgrade, Moscow, Prague, Portogruaro and Detmold. She studied in the classes of the renowned cellists and professors Stanislav Apolín and David Grigorian (Rostropovich student, winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition). She attended master classes given by Michael Flaksman, Karina Georgian (another Rostropovich student and Tchaikovsky Competition winner), Ivan Monighetti and Alain Meunier. She also studied piano in the class of Igor Lazko and Marian Mika. During the 1990s, Eva studied at the Detmold Music Academy and was a member of various symphonic, chamber, and opera orchestras, including Detmold (led by Karl Popen), Münster (under the direction of Fried Obstefeld), Göttingen and Hildesheim.

As soloist, she has performed in Montenegro at the invitation of the Budva Grad Teatar Festival, and subsequently at the A Tempo Music Festival in Podgorica.

She has developed her career mostly in Germany, where she gives recitals and plays in chamber music ensembles, in chamber and symphony orchestras, and also in early music groups on viola da gamba. With her piano trio, she has played benefit programs for UNICEF. Eva also plays for musical theater and experimental theater, such as Michael Ende’s Ophelias Schattentheater, and she has established a collaboration with the accordionist Saša Marković.